Monday, January 17, 2011

Your Daily Black

Yes it seems that Black is speaking to me AGAIN. I really didn't have this happen last time I went through the colors.

As you know (or in case you didn't) I get the goddess of the week newsletters from; this week's goddess is Hathor, and here is what the newsletter says:

Hathor's esoteric attributes are about emotions and feelings. Hathor brings the gift of shapeshifting - she lets you transform from a woman coping with the daily mondo to the woman you really want to be.

MANTRA: Shape-shift

This part I found interesting because Black is all about self-acceptance and find your truth (at least that's how I am seeing her) and this goddess seems to be about hiding it, or putting on something that *isnt* you. So I was about to dismiss her, then I read her affirmations...

  • I am who I am This is one of the Affirmations that Jacqueline wrote for Black, word for word!
  • Bring on joy!
  • I love who I am
  • People are inspired by my joy
  • I release negativity through dancing
  • I dance with abandon, and fear abandons me
These are *definitely* resonating with the Energy of Black!

Her Story
Hathor was revered as the ancient Queen of Heaven. She is the patron of dancers, a goddess of music, the generator of light and radiant power. She is also the patron of all women, no matter their station in life, but is particularly the protector of pregnant women.

Her Modern Energy
Her energy radiates through your core of creativity, your centre of emotion, while her wisdom shines in your third eye. Just as Hathor shape-shifts to meet each situation head-on in her most inspired and brilliant form, so can you.

If you are feeling down in the dumps, look inward and ask what is it that is causing you angst? Will this go away if you change your response and attitude? Hathor says, yes. Use her gift of shape- shifting to reinvent your habitual responses to situations.

Draw in her light, energise your being, and emerge with a new outlook that will see you succeed.

Reconnect With Your Inner Hathor
Hathor appeals to your creative core to dance. Release any anxieties through your feet as they hit the earth, and through your upraised arms as you reach for the stars. Dance with the rhythm of the earth, surrender to the pulse, embrace the emotion. Shape shift from a creature crippled with responsibilities and burdened with social expectation into a beautiful wild woman.

You are truly blessed to have Hathor speak to you today. Take a moment to look inward. Hold a related gemstone, or light a related essence. What is it that is causing you angst? Visualise the problem rolling itself into a ball. Take the ball, and throw it into the air as you leap into your week, light of step and glowing with radiance!

What Would Hathor Do?
... If she were in your situation she would imagine herself to be the animal or personality that can easily transcend the obstacle. (Excerpt from What Would Goddess Do? A Journal For Channelling Divine Guidance by Anita Revel)

Image by Thalia Took

It seems to me the lesson of Hathor could also be a lesson from Black. On the surface it seems though that they would be at odds, like I said earlier, one asking us to pretend/shapeshift/become what we are not, the other asking us to find our truth. But I think the truth is that we all carry these other parts of us that we hide most of the time because they are scary to us or disapproved of by others. Hathor asks us to pull those out when we need them, and Black asks us to see that these have been our truths all along...

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