Monday, March 21, 2011

Pink Questions

1. In chapter two, Little Bird meets Pink and is challenged to examine the hurts in her life and how to heal those hurts. As you have read in this chapter, Little Bird was given the task to find her three greatest heart wounds and begin to heal them. Before we discuss your three greatest heart wounds, let's talk of Pink, as she is much different from Black. How do you feel about Pink? What does this color mean to you?
Pink is the color of bubble gum & cotton candy, unicorn manes & fairy wings, princess gowns & poodle poofs, spring flowers & twilight skies. It evokes in me a sense of innocence love, the kind that children naturally have for everyone and everything before life messes things up.

2. Pink is the color of compassion. Do you, dear reader, consider yourself to be a kind and compassionate person? Why or why not?
I do. I am affected by things that others around me don't seem to be. Although I do tend to not be very compassionate with myself.

3. If you were in similar situations as Little Bird, how would your response be different or the same?
Probably different. I don't run away from love. I tend to be more cautious now, but I still tend to jump right in.

4. Do you feel you have treated yourself with gentle compassion throughout your life?
Definitely not. I am very hard on myself, expecting myself to live up to a higher standard than others around me.

5. Some people think that because Pink is so gentle, she is not a strong color. Do you think of Pink as strong or weak?
It's definitely a strong color; have you seen my grandmother's bedroom?

6. What, dear reader, do you think are your three greatest heart wounds?
I am still working to heal the wounds I discussed last time I answered these questions. My relationships with my mom and dad, and my break-up with R, all of which left/leave me feeling *not-good-enough* about myself.

7. Which of the three you have listed would you say is your greatest heart wound?
Definitely my relationship with my father.

8. What of your other two greatest heart wounds? How would you describe the healing for these to Pink?
I think I just need to keep remembering that my mom & R - and my Dad - are all doing the best they can & know, and were all along. I need to think of them with love and compassion - and myself...

9. Let us return to your single greatest heart wound. Write down your plan to heal that heart wound. I offer you a blessing as you begin this healing. Remember, Pink is always with you.
I need to just start talking to my dad more. Keep that same thing in mind, that he did and is doing the best he can, and to keep remembering that we love each other.

10. Optional: Write your own prayer to Pink.
Lady Pink, please help me to see everyone through the eyes of love and compassion, keeping in mind that they are all doing the best they can - including myself.

11. If you'd like to be closer to Pink, spend a month with her, and every day for a month, do something kind for someone else. It can be as simple as a kind word or a smile. Record your gifts to Pink.
I do feel drawn to do something like this, as a way to extend my time with Pink, but I think instead of doing a specific act of kindness, I am going to do 2 things:
  1. Over the next month or so I am going to drop 30 kindness cards (like these) when we are out and about.
  2. Every evening before bed, I am going to meditate on sending love & compassion to the world, particularly the people around me, and ask for the same in return.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Perhaps a message from Pink?

(I think this message can go for men too, you know? Anyone who has a body really!)