Friday, February 7, 2025

Temple of the Twelve

Temple of the Twelve is a book written by Esmerelda Little Flame about a young girl's spiritual awakening, which explores "many of the spiritual questions and issues that we all deal with as we live our own lives." The Colors, as they are called in the books, are like gods or goddesses, and present themselves to Caroline, the story's heroine, to help her learn various spiritual lessons.
...told with gentleness and love, this is a colorful story, full of music and reverence for the old ways. A lovely book. - Vila SpiderHawk, author of the Forest Song

A companion to the book is the Temple of the Twelve: Experiential Journal, designed to guide the reader in growing alongside Caroline as she seeks and finds answers to "many of the same spiritual questions we all ask as we seek the Divine." This blog is my personal journey through the Colors, using the Experiential Journal. My hope is that others will be inspired to find their own paths to the Divine through these books as well.

While I did receive these books as a gift from the author, this blog is receiving no financial compensation from any source and all posts are my own person experiences and opinions. YMMV.

All quotes from the book jacket of Temple of the Twelve: Experiential Journal, by Esmerelda Little Flame and David J. Babulski