Sunday, November 23, 2014

Silver is Next

About halfway through my moon with Black (on Samhain!), Silver started talking to me, guiding me to pick up my tarot deck again, something I've been dabbling with since I was a teen. Finding the magic has always been a big thing for me, and now I'll be delving deeper into what that means.

Several years ago I purchased a deck of blank tarot cards to draw my own, and I haven't even attempted it yet, as I want to understand the cards more beforehand. Silver has prodded me to start that. I'll be drawing a card from my mini-tarot deck once a day for about 10 weeks (72 days), then taking notes on what each card means, what symbology is usually used and why, what it personally means to me, and what symbols I would use. Then I'll start a project of drawing one each week.

I guess Silver will be with me for a long while now. ^_^

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