Saturday, January 24, 2009

Temple of the Twelve Study Tip

I'll admit I read the first section MONTHS ago, and stopped because I wanted to do the activities/exercises before moving on, and I got stuck on the self-portrait. Do I want to sketch something realistically, paint something, go cutesy, do a collage...??? And then it came down to OMG WHO AM I? :::sigh::: Why do I have to be so damn existential lately???? Anyway, I've been suffering with my self-image and have delayed - and I suppose I am now even by writing this and not doing it, but that's not the point! Anyway, I've found a video that might help us, by an artist who I haven't figured out yet. I don't know if she's stoned or crazy or just... you know what? It doesn't matter. I love her messages. I love her spirit. And I love *her*!

So, here she is: Suzi Blu: Self Portrait

PS - Our Creative Gods & Goddesses might find it inpiring too!

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